Chery @Ant concept buddies up for the long, strange trip

Chery @Ant concept
Chery @Ant concept

In years past, the Beijing Motor Show was a reliable source of oddball concepts, but as the industry's accelerated, so has the seriousness of the country's home-grown automakers. Thank goodness the @Ant by Chinese automaker Chery showed up to attack the picnic basket of special editions and show what a real dragon-car might look like.

Similar in concept to the two-seat electric-powered urban cars shown by Renault, GM and others, the Chery's twist lies in its ability to link up to 10 vehicles through a rear-to-front wheel arrangement that looks like the mandibles of an ant. Such links would be arranged, according to Chery designers, by a mesh of data connections that would automatically match cars traveling to similar destinations, saving energy and reducing traffic congestion.

Of course, what happens when you're in the middle of one of these parings and suddenly need to stop at the nearest Starbucks so your toddler can use the bathroom wasn't explored. Nor, I doubt, will it ever be.