Chris Brown remixes a Lamborghini with West Coast Customs into “El Toro”

Over the past couple of days, noted Lamborghini enthusiast and frequent newsmaker Chris Brown has been teasing a car he's built with the famed West Coast Customs shop as part of their new season of TV shows on Fox Sports, revealing only that he calls the car "El Toro." Today, the first photos popped up online of a Lamborghini Gallardo with an aggressive paint job and some additional body work. Compared to his fighter jet-themed Lambo, it's a fairly tame calf.

Brown was spotted by L.A.'s paparazzi driving El Toro last night, and West Coast Customs founder Ryan Friedlinghaus sent out the photo above late Tuesday, thanking the singer for "another sick build." This Instagram gives a fuller picture of the changes wrought by Brown; aside from the paint scheme from a '80s video game, there's a set of Asanti wheels and some non-factory heft to the front bumper air intakes. No party has stepped up to reveal whether the changes were only cosmetic, details that will likely stay under wraps until the West Coast Customs show returns in June.

Maybe the Free Lambo guy should ask for a ride.