Double-wide, side-by-side Jeep Wrangler puzzles the world

Like Bigfoot, the chupacabra and Donald Trump's barber, the existence of some unbelievable entities requires proof. At the moment, there's no such proof available for what's shown below, a brief clip of a franken-Jeep Wranger built by welding two Jeeps together supposedly roaming Morocco in the wild. The truth is out there.

The evidence for this Jeeeeeep's reality comes from both a video and a single still photograph. The photo suggests the Jeep required parts from a third car to make the massive hood and 24-slot grille, although there's no sign of a rumored third pair of wheels in the center of the truck. According to the video uploader, the car was commissioned by a diplomat living in Rabat, Morocco, and the clip shows a man at the wheel, enjoying the attention his vehicle brings on the road.

In the age of digital manipulation where eagles can try to steal babies, it's generally wise to consider unbelievable images just that without backup. The strongest argument for the Wrangler-squared's existence may be that it's too crazy to be fiction.

Photo: TheUnluckyPhotographer via Facebook