Ferrari 458 Spyder becomes priciest prize ever on “The Price Is Right”

Nothing has kept viewers tuning into "The Price Is Right" for four decades quite like the spectacle of watching a tourist play an oversize board game to win a new car. Three years ago, the show gave away a Tesla Roadster, its most valuable car ever — until today, when as part of the show's "Big Money Week," host Drew Carey and model Manuela Abrealez revealed the biggest prize in the show's history: a 570-hp Ferrari 458 Spyder .

The contestant, Therese, had to play "Three Strikes," the game where the player draws numbers from a bag and matches the digits of the car's price in their correct order while avoiding the dreaded red strike. When "The Price Is Right" contestants first started pulling numbers from a bag for Bob Barker, the cars only had four-digit prices; with the Ferrari's sticker price of $285,716 and three strikes, Therese's odds were slightly better than the typical contestant's.

Within her first three draws, Therese had two strikes.


From there, she picked a string of numbers, but tried to put the 6 and 8 as the first digit in the Ferrari's price. By the time the third strike appeared, Therese had not matched a single number, and out came the saddest of trombones.

It's probably for the best; Therese would have likely owed a hefty tax bill had she won the car, not to mention thousands in insurance if she wanted to drive it; as we were noting earlier this week, history suggests people who win supercars aren't always prepared for life behind the wheel. The TPIR Recap blog has the full report on whether Therese won some consolation in the Showcase Showdown, but the other contestant who played for a car in today's episode came up a winner, and will enjoy his new Hyundai Elantra.

The Spyder will hold its title of most-expensive Price Is Right car for some time, but will only last a day as the biggest prize, thanks to Friday's promise of a Plinko game worth $500,000.

Photos: Fremantle Media/CBS