“Gone in 60 Seconds” star Eleanor fetches $1 million at auction

When Mecum Auctions estimated that "Eleanor" – the hero car from Gone in 60 Secondswould sell for around $300,000, most believed that prediction was low. As it turned out, it was, as the modified 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 fetched $1 million at the blocks last week, proving that Eleanor was worthy of her "unicorn" status.

There were multiple GT500s used in Jerry Bruckheimer's remake of the 1974 original, but this particular machine marked the "hero" car driven by Nicolas Cage, as well as being featured in the movies' promotional material. By all accounts, she remains beautiful, and was glamorized and brought to life impeccably by Bruckheimer and his team. While there were many stunning cars documented in the movie, including "Bernadine," the majestic Jaguar XJ220, none held the allure of Eleanor.

Even Mecum were surprised by the response Eleanor drew after announcing the silver 'Stang was for sale. They originally deemed the car a Mustang with a cool story, but as it turned out, that story romanticized the machine into an icon. An icon worth far for more than Dana Mecum ever imagined.


Many treasures were offered at Mecum's Indianapolis Spring Auction, but this particular item remained the prized jewel. Would you pay over $1 million for a Mustang? One lucky bidder did. And with that, they acquire the privilege of calling Eleanor their unicorn.

Photo: David Newhardt, courtesy of Mecum Auctions