Google founder’s Tesla given a pink Bat-makeover for April

As Google co-founder Sergey Brin's projects have grown to include self-driving cars and the upcoming Google Glass eyewear, a few employees of the search company have taken to nicknaming him "Batman." Which helps explain why Brin's Tesla Model S was given this makeover for April Fool's Day, featuring a Batman logo and rear wings along with the first car-lashes affixed to a Tesla and a Pepto-Bismol shade of pink. (Look closely above and you'll see the Google Chrome logo on the rims, which Brin already had mounted on his Model S pre-prank).

Brin was photographed Thursday driving his ride around town with the sunroof open, wearing the Glass goggles. Maybe now that's he's fully outfitted, Brin can use his faux Batskills to find an alternative to Google Reader.