Has my GM vehicle been recalled? Check the full list here

Since January, General Motors has made 65 recalls covering some 29 million vehicles in North America, an unprecedented wave of safety defect repairs by a major automaker. And although GM has vowed to fix as many vehicles as possible, history shows many will never be properly fixed, and some will likely stay on the road with an open recall for years to come.

To help shovel through the recall blizzard, we've created a table listing every recall GM's announced this year, which we'll update as new recalls come this year. If you see your vehicle on this list, and you haven't received a letter from GM, you should call your nearby GM dealer and verify if your vehicle has any open recalls using its VIN code. Even if there is an open recall, it could be several weeks before a replacement part will be available; the dealer should have instructions on what to do until then, like taking heavy items off your keychain.

And when the repair time comes, don't be afraid to ask for a loaner.

Last update: Aug. 11