Hayabusa-powered golf cart hits 100 mph, for America’s sake

For the record, it is legal in many states to drive a golf cart on public streets, so long as it's equipped with headlights, seat belts, turn signals and can go no faster than 25 mph. Leave it to the golf cart-loving state of Florida to hatch one powered by a 200-hp sportbike engine that can go about four times faster than it ever should.

Found by videographer Michael Berenis in Spring Hill, Fla., the owner/would-be seller of the cart offers a full walkaround of the Yamaha cart in the video below, featuring the four-cylinder engine from a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa, complete with its six-speed gearbox and chain-driven final drive. To keep the power under control, there's a set of wheelie bars, a disc brake and the cutest little Hoosier racing tires outside a quarter midget race track.

It's all in fun until the pair decide to take it out on the road. Since Florida doesn't require motorcyclists to wear helmets, going without them in the Busa cart appears perfectly legal — but as the video shows starting around the seven-minute mark, what's legal and what's smart are often two different answers, and a chunky four-wheeler designed to let buzzed golfers roll over sand traps wasn't meant to corner at speed.