Hot Wheels creates real-life 526-hp Darth Vader Corvette

Welcome to the dark side

Unless you're rather primitive and don't believe in things like TV, Internet or magazines (and let's face it, if you are, you won't be reading this), then you've likely heard that Star Wars is returning to the big screen in 2015. In celebration, Hot Wheels has created something special: A 526 hp Darth Vader Corvette.

Created for Comic-Con in San Diego, Autoblog reports that the car, which is based on a C6 Corvette, uses a tuned LS3 V-8 with a reworked exhaust system. The carbon-fiber body panels are particularly striking, clearly resembling the man in black. And the whole thing is fully drivable, as you can see in the video below.

Hot Wheels has partnered with Star Wars to sell toy vehicles nearer to the movie's release date, with Vader's real ride making the rounds during various appearances after its time in San Diego.


Of course the closest you can get to owning Darth Vader's Corvette is to purchase the 1:64 version being sold at Comic-Con for $40. It arrives in a commemorative case that's shaped like a red lightsaber. Hot Wheels is also creating cars for all the movie's characters, and they'll hit shelves in October. So Star Wars fanatics, get ready: Your collection is about to get even bigger.