Ken Block's snowmobile: A glacier-chewing Ford Raptor on tracks

Alex Lloyd

For those in search of fresh powder, the simplest way to travel is via snowmobile. Just grab a buddy, your snowboard and ride to where you want to go. Simple. And snowmobiles are great fun too. But it's not exactly what you'd call luxurious, warm or comfortable. For that, you need Ken Block's Ford F150 RaptorTRAX — the ultimate snowcat for today's winter explorers.

Block, America's favorite tire burner, famous for his Gymkhana stunt videos and for co-founding DC Shoes, calls it, "perfect for slaying powder with some friends in the backcountry." Effectively the RaptorTRAX is a Ford F150 SVT Raptor pickup truck, only one with snowboard racks, full off-road suspension and Mattracks on all four corners. Under the hood is a Whipple supercharger, sure to up power significantly from the stock 6.2-liter V-8's 411 hp, making no slope—or boulder—too difficult to handle.

Some might think a vehicle on tracks is the first of its kind, however the idea has been around for decades, and Block himself fitted tracks to a Subaru WRX STI rally car back in 2009. Mattracks, the system used here, are a bolt on unit that can turn any vehicle into a raging snowcat, even an old motorhome.

Block is currently on location in what appears to be the ultimate winter playground, where, as always, he's brought a video crew to film his antics; personally, I think the RaptorTRAX would make for an awesome Gymkhana-mobile. With a nice warm heater and a booming stereo, Block clearly hopes to make the measly snowmobile obsolete. At least for those with hefty pockets.

Here's a brief test drive Block posted to his Instagram page:

Photo: Ken Block via Facebook

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