Kiss-themed Bug can lick your driveway for a song

Justin Hyde

No band has ever merged marketing and music quite so deftly as Kiss, which has lent its name and face paint to hundreds of geegaws over the years, from condoms to cremation urns for your pets. All of which pales in comparison to this inspired work of fandom, a Volkswagen Beetle transformed into a rolling tribute to Gene Simmons' bovine-quality tongue — which can rock your driveway all night for the right price.

For sale at eBay, the seller traces the car's creation to a radio station that wanted to build a special kind of promotional vehicle from a 1970 Beetle. Since then, the Kiss Bug has been given a lick of mechanical and appearance upgrades, from better seals and engine cleaning to making sure that the hair blows freely in the wind while the Bug's on the road.

Last year, the previous owner/restorer put the Bug up for sale in a half-finished condition for $10,000; the eBay bidding so far has risen to $5,300 without meeting the reserve. Whomever ends up with the keys to this rock masterpiece can comfort themselves with having a unique piece of Kiss memorabilia — even if getting behind the wheel turns them into a blown-up replica of Gene Simmons' uvula.

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