Lamborghini Gallardo crash wrecks driver’s reputation in suburban Chicago intersection

It's a setup, right? No one would just happen to pull up behind a $200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo somewhere in the sprawling Chicago suburbs with a video camera running only to have the Gallardo driver get sudden onset Lambo brain and attempt to drift through the intersection, instead swapping paint with a Honda CR-V and Mercury Grand Marquis. That's going to leave a mark on their wallet.

Apparently captured at an intersection in Wheeling, Ill., there's no other information known about the driver of the Gallardo, other than their new-found knowledge of how the V-10 interacts with the all-wheel-drive system on a slow corner. But the videographer did capture the driver of his own Pontiac making one and possibly two illegal U-turns in the road while recording the aftermath. However much money they may get from a few ads on YouTube won't make up for the cost of a traffic ticket and auto insurance hike.