Crash victim lost in wreckage found in tow lot six hours later

Alex Lloyd
·Editor at Large

It was 3 a.m. on New Year's Day when a Chevy Impala was found crashed into a pole and through a fence at a cemetery near Dayton, Ohio. First responders couldn't locate the driver — not an uncommon problem in cases where the driver might have been afraid of the consequences of an accident.

This wasn't one of those cases. The driver was discovered six hours later – after the car had been towed – crying for help in the vehicle's footwell.

The driver, who is yet to be identified, was taken to a local hospital with leg injuries and according to WHIO remains in critical condition. Exactly how he was left in the car for so long is a mystery.

Officers say an employee at the towing company opened the car's door to place some of the wreckage in the front seat when he heard the man's call for help. With the car elevated on the flatbed, the worker could see the injured man laying on the floor and trapped under the dashboard.

Weirder still, deputies and other first responders reportedly searched for the lost driver for 90 minutes, both in the car and around the cemetery. This has led some, including the worker who found the man, to question whether the driver returned to the vehicle after it was towed and climbed back aboard; the crash site was only 500 yards from Busy Bee Auto Parts and Towing, the location where the car had been moved to.

Investigators won't speculate, stating that it may take a further 30 to 45 days to understand what occurred, and that if "proper protocol and procedures weren't followed" an internal investigation will commence. Needless to say there are many unanswered questions here, potentiallty unearthing the secrets to the oddest game of hide-n-seek ever.