Meet the 75-year-old woman planning to drive a 91-year-old car around the world

Justin Hyde

From anyone else, the idea that a woman will never lead a Formula 1 race because women are not as risky as men would sound condescending at best. But when its spoken by a 75-year-old Berlin woman who's raced in rallies around the world for decades, it comes with a whiff of authenticity. Regardless of what she thinks of other drivers, Heidi Hetzer plans to keep testing her skills, with an around-the-world race in 2014 -- in a car nearly two decades older than herself.

In "Never Too Late," a short film from eGarage, Hetzer lays out why she wants to retrace the steps of Clärenore Stinnes, the woman who with Carl-Axel Söderström became the first people to drive around the world in a two-year voyage from 1927 to 1929. The car she's chosen predates the original trip, and while a 1921 Hispanio-Suiza seems like an odd choice, it lends itself to the right period touch. Given Hetzer's day job as an German car dealer, I wouldn't bet against her.

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