Neiman Marcus' $300,000 slot-car track is the ultimate man toy

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book always includes a few "fantasy gifts" for those who have more money than ideas about how to spend it. This year's so-nice-it's-naughty list includes the requisite luxury car — a $95,000 special edition Maserati Ghibli — and a few oddities, like a pair of his-and-her amphibious Quadskis ($50,000 apiece) and an invite to the Vanity Fair Oscars party ($425,000.) But any gearhead stuck thumbing through the list would stop right here: a 1:32 scale hand-built, slot-car track of the gods that can rise in your basement for $300,000.

Chances are if you're into slot cars, you've seen the work of Slot Mods USA, who make custom tracks for automakers and other well-off customers. For the buyer, Slot Mods will build a replica of the customer's favorite track — yes, up to and including the Nürburgring — on a 30-feet-by-12-feet platform. As the video of Slot Mods' Martin Raceway shows above, the track will have period signage, decorations and a variety of period vehicles, with in-car cameras and screens to follow the action. (And of course there's lap timers. What track wouldn't have them?)

But the Neiman Marcus version isn't just some plywood and wires. No, for $300,000, the one adolescent-minded buyer will also get an inaugural "race party" with drivers Vic Elford and David Hobbs. The six-month build can be installed with optional "white-glove" serivce, although the price does not include shipping. Gentlemen, start your credit cards.