November 15: Ford Fairmont becomes Ford’s 100 millionth car on this date in 1978

Few products of late 1970s Detroit are remembered fondly today, but sometimes history can be too harsh. Take the Ford Fairmont, a model offered in a variety unimaginable to today's vehicles. You could buy Fairmont as a station wagon, a sedan or stylish Futura coupe (featuring a factory-optional vinyl roof) with either a four-cylinder, inline 6 or V-8, and up to 33 mpg on the highway. On this date in 1978, a Ford Fairmont Futura became the 100 millionth vehicle built by Ford; the company would sell slightly fewer Fairmonts in that model year than it will sell Focuses and Fusions combined this year. If you want to see a Fairmont in action today, look no further than the nearest dragstrip:

Photo: Mal Harris via Picasa