Priceless Lamborghini Miura P400 SV burns on a London street

Some things in life make you sick to your stomach: despicable crimes, a swift kick to the groin, Brussels sprouts, and this video — documenting the burning wreckage of an original Lamborghini Miura P400 SV, which burst into flames on a London street.

What happened to this gem remains a mystery, but watching the video, it appears to be toast (no-pun intended). The P400 SV variant of the Lamborghini Miura boosted the Miura's claim as the world's first supercar. With only 150 built, they're only for serious collectors; last year a regular Miura upgraded to a SV sold at RM Auctions in Pebble Beach, Calif., for $660,000.

The owner of the flame-broiled Miura is reported to be a wealthy London property investor who doesn't own a fire extinguisher; imagine watching your treasured machine burn to the ground knowing if you'd just spent 20 bucks at Tesco it might be salvageable. The fire department, according to the guy in the video, was stuck in traffic. That same guy offers his disgust at an alloy wheel being on fire. Personally, I'd be more concerned about the priceless machine the alloy connects to.

It's tragic to witness such a beautiful, storied machine burn to the ground. Whether this is worse than a kick to the groin remains one of life's great mysteries. It's not, however, as bad as Brussels sprouts.

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