Ron Howard gives Twitter followers all access pass to “Rush”

Justin Hyde
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    As director Ron Howard scouts and shoots "Rush," the Peter Morgan-scripted film on '70s Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda and rival James Hunt, he's given his Twitter followers an all-access pass to the process -- and a rare running photo commentary of a Hollywood director in action.
    Already deep in shooting, Howard's Twitter feed has been full of shots showing how the movie has evolved, from script rewrites to scouting tracks and even the dogs in the background. There's few better ways to grab attention than by posting shots of the classic F1 race cars "Rush" will use, like the Tyrrell:
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    And here's a popular one. Everyone on the crew took their picture with this bad boy
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 14:45:19
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    After lunch...a little racing :-)
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 13:23:50
  4. Instead of relying on computer graphics, Howard intends to recreating races with as much authenticity as possible -- from the tracks to the cars themselves, a process that requires far more work on the ground. He's told his followers that about four-fifths of the racing scenes will be mapped out beforehand -- the rest will be caught on the move.
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    A few of today's moments very hectic so i didn't grab many pics
    Mon, Mar 05 2012 17:31:24
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    Setting one of over 25 camera positions today
    Mon, Mar 05 2012 17:37:52
  7. It's not just on-track shots -- "Rush" will delve into a wild period in racing, where F1 drivers doubled as global superstars. That requires all sorts of period recreations:
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    Ist of 5 scenes today. A 1976 Trans Atlantic flight
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 13:17:12
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    70s party animals heading to the "private jet". Fun scene
    Thu, Mar 01 2012 08:35:29
  10. And in true Twitter addict fashion, Howard doesn't stop sharing even in his off hours, such as when the crew threw him a birthday party:
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    Cool birthday cake for me after "wrap" :-) I wonder how many I've had on sets over the years ?
    Thu, Mar 01 2012 16:22:38
  12. "Rush," starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl, should be released next year; since filming's only been underway for a few days, Howard still has much to tweet.
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