See the country’s fastest street cars hit 200 mph in a Texas-sized showdown

Last weekend, the hot rodders known as the Texas Speed Syndicate invited as many massively modified street cars as they could muster to a face-off on an airstrip for the ceremonial title of King of the Street. Everything from Lamborghini Gallardos to Toyota Supras, Dodge Vipers, Chevy Corvettes and Pontiac Trans Ams made an appearance, and simply getting on the tarmac usually required a minimum of 650 hp from multiple turbos. See the results of the races below.

These showdowns typically use roll-out racing, where the cars are allowed to get up to 60 mph in a certain distance before racing 1,450 ft. at top speed. Going into the competition, the favorite would have been the Alpha-Omega Nissan GT-R of AMS Performance, which can turn some 1,550 hp at its wheels, but an engine failure after a few runs left the path open for one of two Italian entries from Underground Racing. You can see the races here, or an example of what its like to lose to a Gallardo here.

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