See Gary Busey give Kia dealer ads his special lick of crazy

Why, why, why are we only now finding out about Gary Busey's busy second job as a pitchman for terrible Kia and Chevy local auto dealer ads? You too will be scared priceless.

For several months, Busey has apparently been engaged by an ad agency that cranks out green-screen specials for local dealers -- the kind of ads that tout the no-downpayment deal of the week with an attractive young woman and a man in a hamster suit. (Automakers help defray the cost of these ads, in part because they'd rather let the dealer do the heavy lifting of hustling new cars on price.)

Enter Busey, who brings a sense of an impending train wreck to every line he reads off a cue card. Whether it's making scary faces so intense he strains his neck, saluting veterans in a shirt from the Lee Greenwood collection or announcing he's moving to a community after meeting "the party patrol," Busey's random intensity makes these spots essential viewing.

Then again, "tell 'em Gary sent you" is something you're less likely to say to a salesman than a 911 operator.

Here's the rather reserved "Party Patrol"

And the Halloween special:

And the pinnacle: "K-I-A stands for Keep It Awesome"

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