Tesla Model S makes for efficient furniture in world’s first “Deskla”

The Tesla Model S has been dubbed many things: pioneering, futuristic and fun to drive. But "great office desk?" Elon Musk never claimed that in any of his speeches, but perhaps he should have. According to Hero City at Drapper University, the Tesla Model S makes for a fine work desk.

Say hello to the world's first "Deskla."

With initial concepts drawn up by Vuolo Design, Hero City — a club for entrepreneurs formed as an offshoot of Draper University in San Mateo, Calif. — commissioned East Bay Muscle Cars to transform a $70,000 Tesla Model S into an office desk that fits Hero City's innovative mentality. Tesla shipped a new "factory reject" bare shell to EBMC's shop in Brentwood, Calif., allowing the team to begin work by cutting apart the aluminum shell and preparing the transitions and framework to ensure it becomes a fully functional and operational office desk.

"Deskla" features three 120v electrical outlets, six USB ports and working Tesla LED lights, all powered via the car's original charge cord. The Model S's seats were transformed into office chairs and the dashboard/desk was modeled off the car's factory interior trimmings. In all, the construction process took EBMC six weeks. After competition, "Deskla" was taken to its new home as a reception desk at Hero City, where it was the featured attraction in the club's official opening late last year.


It's further evidence that Elon Musk plans to control the entire universe (and beyond). Expect to see Tesla electric coffeemakers, liquid-cooled underwear and remote-controlled, highly efficient snowblowers unveiled shortly.

Photo: East Bay Muscle Cars