The 1,035-hp Ferrari FXX K costs $3.1 million — and it's already sold out

The 1,035-hp Ferrari FXX K costs $3.1 million — and it's already sold out

ABU DHABI — At 1,035 combined hp, the Ferrari FXX K that was unveiled in Abu Dhabi today stands as the fastest car with a roof to ever emerge from the Scuderia. Built as a demonstration of Ferrari's prowess for its most devoted customers, the FXX K is five seconds a lap faster than the LaFerrari around the Fiorano test track. But until today, we hadn't heard just how rare or expensive the new car would be. The answer, to both: Quite.

Ferrari will build no more than 40 FXX K; the actual number depends, Ferrari executives say, on how many people it decides to turn away, because it has at least that many buyers already. The price: $3.1 million, or $1 million more than the LaFerrari which includes two years of Corsa Clienti service — wherein Ferrari holds onto the car, in Italy, and flies it to tracks around the world with mechanics in tow, so that owners can just show up and race without having to worry about their own wrenching skills.

Ferrari engineers describe the FXX K as a more track-focused version of the LaFerrari that's still eminently civilized. The several dozen owners who take part in the company's Corsa Clienti programs — which began 10 years ago with the Enzo-based FXX and include the 700-hp 599XX Evo — aren't race drivers by trade, and require a car that can be handled with less-than-superhuman talent.

Should those FXX K owners decide to stop racing, the car is theirs to keep — but it can't be made street-legal, and there are no race series for it, so it would become a rolling demonstration of stranded costs outside of Maranello. Membership, even at $3.1 million, has its privileges.