Russian socialite coats her Mercedes in 1 million Swarovski crystals

Alex Lloyd
Editor at Large
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This unique Mercedes was stopping traffic yesterday (Mon) after its owner had it covered in diamonds. The diesel Mercedes CLS is thought to be owned by a Russian woman who lives in London. And she has managed to outdo the Arab playboys who drive around the capital by having her car covered in thousands of Swarovski diamonds. The Mercedes was parked outside a restaurant on Basil Street, near Harrods in Knightsbridge.

Diamond Mercedes

Remember when young women used to Bedazzle their cell phones? That craze seems to have now passed, but on the streets of London a 21-year-old Russian socialite has found a new way to express her inner Paris — by bedazzling her Mercedes-Benz with 1 million Swarovski crystals.

Daria Radionova, a Russian business student, told the Daily Mail that the people who covered every part of her 2011 Mercedes CLS 350 in crystals, from the door handles to the Mercedes badges, came over from Russia and worked "12 hours a day for two months." She parked the car outside of the Levin Hotel in Knightsbridge on Monday and caused quite the stir.

The diesel CLS, with its license plate reading "BAII BYY," truly came alive when day turned into night, and London's lights glistened off the fancy Merc's body. There is no word regarding how much Radionova spent on the transformation (she reportedly used $33,000 worth of faux diamonds), but the Russian-born student did take offense to the Mail saying she paid "just" £25,000 (about $41,000) for the vehicle, stating on her Facebook page that "the car is worth more than 25k."

With the crystal-encrusted Mercedes' newfound fame, it's sure to be worth more than that now, and if Radionova ever decides to sell the car, she claims all proceeds will go to charity. But for now it appears she will just enjoy her creation, saying that, "If you have the cash, why not do it?"

And unlike a bedazzled iPhone, a glass-covered Mercedes makes a far bigger statement – and a larger cut out of one's wallet.