This three-wheeler is a Chevrolet Cavalier with a mullet

The Chevrolet Cavalier wasn't what you'd call a particularly exciting car. In the dictionary, the term "cavalier" is defined as "showing a lack of proper concern." In the automotive dictionary, it just means "beige."

To combat this inherent beige-ness, one Craigslist poster has decided to do something unique to his Cavalier—turn it into a three-wheeler that, if you squint (or consume many holiday brandies), looks a bit like Batman's Batpod. Only infinitely worse.

The trike derives from the front end of a Cavalier meshed to a single Mickey Thompson 18-inch wheel at the rear, glued together by a maze of welded tubes that create a roll cage. According to the listing, it has a 5-speed manual transmission, anti-lock brakes, seat belts, airbags, heater, radio CD player and air conditioning, all of which "work great." Personally, I like the downforce-producing rear wing. That's got to add, what, 300 lbs. of downforce at speed, give or take 300 lbs.?


The odd trike is for sale in Springfield, MO., with an asking price of $4,500, stating that the seller "need(s) the money for medical needs." It's titled as a 2011 custom-made vehicle, and while it may not be pretty, it's certainly ingenious.

It's a bit like a mullet—business in the front; party in the back. And compared to a Cavalier, it's most definitely less beige.

Photo: Craigslist