Two V-8s, four superchargers, 1,200 hp combine for one massive hot rod

For a select group of custom car builders, there's no such thing as too much power. As long as the final product can move on its own without killing the driver in an A-bomb sized fireball, then she's good to go. Such cars are all about the challenge of building and engineering — like this homebuilt roadster from a New Zealand madman with one Ford body, two V-8, four superchargers and 1,200 horses barely contained by the frame.

Tronson once raced Funny Car dragsters, and has said the idea for the car he calls the Double Trouble came to him out of the blue. Built over six months with nothing fancier than welding equipment and bent metal, Tronson acquired two Ford 4.6-liter modular V-8 racing engines, and stacked two B&M superchargers atop a custom intake over each engine. Those tie into a Ford 3-speed via a self-designed bell housing, and the rest of the car — from its Corvette brakes to Jaguar rear-end and fiberglass body of a '27 Ford — has a similar stirring of off-the-shelf parts with Tronson-built adaptations.

As this video from /Drive's Big Muscle series demonstrates, having 1,200 hp ready to rage in the open air inches from your face makes driving more challenging than in anything outside a drag meet. But Tronson's lack of blueprints or high-tech tools didn't seem to hinder the final project's fit and finish — or the sound of 16 cylinders of synchronized thunder that Tronson can claim as his masterpiece.