Victoria Beckham’s signature Range Rover Evoque will become one with you for $129,000

Victoria Beckham Range Rover Evoque
Victoria Beckham Range Rover Evoque

For the Beijing Motor Show, Land Rover enlisted pop culture personality Victoria Beckham to spice up its life with the Range Rover Evoque Special Edition, an Evoque reworked bumper to bumper. Think of it as an expensive way to never give up on the good times.

Beckham's first 18-month tour as a wannabe auto designer includes giving the Evoque matte-gray paint, mohair floor mats (inspired by her mama) and naked baseball-stitched leather in a nod to husband David Beckham, who doesn't play baseball. The results are something kinda funny, a celebrity-styled SUV that's not just for Saturday night divas. Range Rover will start selling the posh Evoque in China later this year at a starting price of about $129,000.

What, too much?