Watch a Tesla P85D terrify passengers with "Insane Mode"

Some might say Elon Musk was arrogant in labeling the new Tesla Model S P85D's most powerful setting "Insane Mode." After all, with Dodge having a 707-hp sedan, it needs to be pretty darn wild to justify such a claim. The video below shows Musk was not arrogant at all.

The P85D is a dual-motor Model S; one motor situated behind the front axle, the other at the rear. This makes it all-wheel-drive, and offers power to the tune of 691 hp and 686 lb.-ft. of torque. 0-60 mph occurs in just 3.2-seconds, but as with any electric car, it's the ferocity of that punch that shocks you the most.

To showcase that fact, Drag Times got their hands on a P85D and threw a few unsuspecting members of the public in the passenger seat. Their reactions justify "Insane Mode" quite nicely. (Watch the video below, but be aware, even with the help of bleeps — many, many bleeps — explicit language could not be avoided.)

As for those 707-hp Dodges, well, the Challenger Hellcat lined up for a quarter-mile sprint against a P85D recently. Let's just say it lost. Badly. Yes, the P85D is very insane indeed.