Watch a hotel valet crash and destroy a guest's Lamborghini

Alex Lloyd
·Editor at Large

This might be one of the biggest valet fails in quite some time, as a valet at the five-star Le Meridien hotel in Delhi, India, caused an estimated $335,000 worth of damage by heavily crashing a guest's Lamborghini. The images of the aftermath have been floating around the internet for a few days, but now the closed-circuit TV footage of the incident has surfaced. And what it shows is quite something.

The car in question is a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, reportedly owned by a Mumbai businessman. The machine typically retails for around $250,000 here in America, however in places like Asia, import taxes often double the costs -- hence the owner claiming such lofty repair bills.

The valet in question was taken to hospital after the crash and treated for minor head injuries, and currently remains on leave. He has worked in the valet business for 10 years, according to a hotel spokeswoman.

Whether this is another case of the mistaken pedal remains unknown, but the Lamborghini lurches forward violently. It sends a colleague diving for cover while it smashes into another guest's vehicle. The super car appears to gain momentum right until it hits the concrete wall.

The hotel did not state what they believed caused the accident, calling it "inadvertent." It also denies responsibility, leading the car's owner to file a police case against Le Meridien and the valet for damages.

While the owner is understandably furious, and says the hotel staff have parked his car many times without incident, after looking at the CCTV footage, we should be thankful that more people weren't injured. 

According to the hotel spokeswoman, the valet may not be back on the stand anytime soon. And after this incident, he will probably not be too upset by that.