Woman wins $157,000 Audi R8 on The Price Is Right, becomes biggest winner in show’s history

Extravagant cars are occasionally prizes on The Price Is Right, and today, Sheree Heil from Tacoma, Wash., had the opportunity to win one of the most expensive cars to ever appear on the show—a $157,300 Audi R8 V-8 Spyder. And unlike the poor contestant that lost a Ferrari 458 Spyder earlier this year, Sheree didn't miss her chance. She won the "Gas Money" round to become the biggest winner in the show's daytime history.

We're not sure of Sheree's current daily driver, but the odds are against it being a two-seater, 430-hp supercar with a 0-60 mph time of 4.6 seconds. Top speed for this beauty? 186 mph. Her drive back to Washington might be a fast one.

Naturally, as you can see in the video, Sheree was rather excited about her victory — as she should be; although the upcoming tax bill might dampen her mood a touch. Even host Drew Carey couldn't help but smile incessantly, shouting, "We just gave out a $157,000 car, everybody."

The previous daytime record was held by Vickyann Sadowski who won $147,517 back in 2006. (When the show aired on primetime during a special “$1,000,000 Spectacular" in 2008, however, Adam Rose won $1,153,908.) Soon after today's win CBS tweeted the news, reaffirming that this is the show's most valuable prize ever when in its usual time slot. Sheree also won $10,000 in cash and some Prada shoes worth $3,045, making her total winnings stand at $170,345.

When the next episode of The Price Is Right airs, we're guessing the prizes might be a tad more modest. After all, they've got to pay for this car somehow.