Wrestler’s custom supercar rumbles with the Gumball 3000

For the past 15 years, the Gumball 3000 rally has managed to unite outrageous cars and a potpourri of celebrities behind a 3,000-mile road trip-slash-hoedown to wealth and speed. This year's race started in Copenhagen on Saturday, and it's lineup has a Stefon-ready quality: a Saudi prince, Cypress Hill, a replica of Batman's Tumblr and David Hasselhoff burping the German national anthem. (Just kidding, Hoff. Although...)

Yet this was the car that caught my eye this morning, and it looked new to me only because I wasn't familiar with the custom cars of wrestling star John Cena.

Called — and how do I wish I was making this up — the InCENArator, the sports car was built by Florida's Parker Brothers Concepts, the shop featured in the SyFy TV channel's reality show "Dream Machines." Using a wrecked Corvette convertible chassis and engine, with a design brief from Cena to build a car that looked as if it landed from the year 3000, the Incenarator's main modifications begin and end with the bodywork of the 30th century, where drivers eschew doors in favor of split windshields. (Parker Brothers also built the Tumblr and prop cars for movie studios, so it has some lengthy history in extreme fantasy rides).

Befitting its owner's trade, the Incenarator announces itself with a mini-spectacle of flame-throwing from the eight pipes in its rear decklid. Alas, those pipes are only for show, and there's no indication the builders did much about the stock Corvette's engine. Yet even if the new bodywork slows down the InCENA-anity, it still should be reliable and powerful enough to haul its swoopy self and the driver Saudi prince Talal M. A. Al-Faisal Al-Saud across Europe over the next two weeks — as long as they watch out for the Hoff.

Top photo: a_rageh via Instagram