BMW 'Art Car' Hypercar Crashes at Le Mans, Drives Full Lap Back to Pits Missing Tire

bmw art car hypercar crash
BMW 'Art Car' Crashes at 24 Hours of Le MansFIA WEC

BMW's "Art Car" Hypercar racer at the 24 Hours Le Mans lost control and snapped across the course into a tire barrier on Saturday, forcing the driver to complete a full lap of the course with mangled parts and a missing tire.

Robin Frijns was piloting the No. 20 BMW M Team WRT when he lost grip after entering the Ford Chicane with too much speed and losing the rear. The BMW collided with the tire barrier during an uncontrollable spin. In addition to the bodywork and component damage, Frijns was left with a punctured rear right tire. Frijns spin occurred with two hours and 24 minutes completed of the 24-hour race.

Frijns was able to get his Hypercar restarted and limped around the track on the three usable wheels. Unfortunately, the accident happened just past the pit entry, meaning that Frijns had to make a full lap around the circuit, slowly, being mindful not to add more damage to his car.

The driver was reminded by his team to protect the car.


"Robin. Robin. Slow down. You have no tire on the right rear," a team member in the garage said over the radio.

Frijns shaved time by cutting the chicanes but would have to slow to allow the non-damaged cars to pass under the "slow zone." Ultimately, he made it back to his pit box safely.

The No. 20 was running in 10th after starting 16th with Rene Rast behind the wheel.

With just under three hours completed, the BMW was able to return to the track repaired in less than 30 minutes. The team is back in the race, continuing the fight towards a Le Mans finish.

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