BMW M3 Almost Takes Out Police Officer

And not a turn signal to be seen!

We’ve seen a lot of Code Brown videos in our time on God’s green earth, and this one of a BMW M3 sliding across three lanes of traffic (not to mention the median) and narrowly missing a police officer is up there on the list. We know cops hate doing traffic stops, believe it or not, and one of the reasons is people see their emergency strobes and they panic, often plowing into their cruiser, them, or the car they stopped, if not all three.

Watch a fleeing Dodge Charger absolutely whiff it on a roundabout here.

In this incident, you can tell the officer is already paranoid about that propensity of bad drivers because he’s standing on the passenger side of the BMW 750i he’s pulled over. That normally offers some protection since far too many law enforcement have been killed by drivers who clipped them with their car as the officer stood on the driver’s side.

Sure enough, a BMW M3 comes rocketing around the turn and the 17-year-old driver likely panics at seeing a cop, because he starts doing everything wrong. As the back end breaks free, the kid steers more into the oversteer, sending the car sideways and almost into a complete 180.


With all control lost, the M3 slides over the median and heads straight for the stopped 750i. Thankfully by this point the officer hears and sees the threat, because he starts running away from the stopped Bimmer. Had he not done that, the guy probably would’ve been pinned between it and the roadside barrier.

That M3 hit the 750i rear driver’s side fender to front driver’s side fender, which is quite the acrobatic feat considering he was almost going backwards just a moment before. After hitting the 750i, the M3 spins, barely coming into contact with the officer, then slams into his patrol car. It’s also worth noting the M3 narrowly missed hitting a BMW Z4 that was in the left lane passing the traffic stop at that very instant.

Somehow everyone in this accident only suffered minor injuries. While the M3 driver picked up a citation for reckless driving, we’re thinking the parent who handed him the keys to a high-powered, rear-wheel-drive car should be facing something like a public flogging. What do you think?

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