BMW Stolen While Owner Inflates Tires

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BMW Stolen While Owner Inflates Tires
BMW Stolen While Owner Inflates Tires

You can’t even fill up the tires on your car without it getting stolen these days. That’s what a BMW 6 Series owner learned the hard way recently while stopping at a gas station in Roseland, New Jersey.

Now thieves are using police tactics on their victims.

In video footage shared to Instagram by ppv_tahoe, we can see the Bimmer owner is at the passenger front tire using the tire inflator. With his attention on the vehicle and his head down, a thief crouches and stealthily walks from a parked BMW nearby over to the 6 Series.

Then in a flash, the thief starts up the man’s Bimmer, reverses it away from the air compressor, and throws it into gear. The owner tries literally standing in the thief’s way and almost gets mowed over for his effort. At about the same time, the other BMW also leaves the gas station and the two drive down the road.


According to ppv_tahoe this theft took place on January 4. We can’t tell for absolutely sure, but it appears the BMW owner kept the engine idling as he was filling the tires. That’s a big no-no. It’s also possible he didn’t have the engine on but left the keys inside or he was near enough with the key fob on the exterior of the car that the thief was able to start it up.

We’ve seen thieves steal people’s vehicles as they’re filling it up with gas for the same reasons. One way to guard against this is to have a small Faraday cage (a pouch) in your pocket you drop the keys inside, cutting off the signal. Some people think that’s really inconvenient, almost like they don’t remember how easy it was to pull out their keys and stick them in the ignition not all that long ago.

Thieves want your car and they’re counting on your be unaware and lazy so they can swipe it easily. Don’t do what this guy did.

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