Bob Dylan core is here, and TikTok is falling in love: ‘i think i have a crush on u’

Bob Dylan fans: This one’s for you. A new TikTok “core” has emerged, celebrating the effortless style of the “Like a Rolling Stone” singer-songwriter.

“Bob Dylan core” refers to a part of TikTok that sees users replicating how he walks — right down to his posture. As the second verse of Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” kicks in, TikTokers walk into frame with hunched shoulders and hands in their jacket pockets.

Owen (@otheflo) posted his version of the trend. The video has over 860,000 views.

“Trying to hide my Bob Dylan obsession here oh my god”

Naturally, TikTok users are swooning over this trend and the creators taking part in it.


“Need me a Bob Dylan man fr,” someone said.

“i think i have a crush on u,” another replied.

“Trying to hide my Bob Dylan obsession here oh my god,” one user commented.

New York City-based content creator @stringbeanboy13 also got in on the trend.

“Bob Dylan core. Finally something I can get behind”

“Man I love Bob Dylan core, I just hope it doesn’t go electric,” one user said, referencing Dylan’s Newport Folk Festival performance in 1965, during which he played an electric guitar, a pivotal moment in rock music history.

“Target audience reached,” someone replied.

“Commenting to stay with more bob dylan videos,” another said.

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