Bobcat Pulled From Car’s Grille

Just when we thought we’d seen it all.

People are astounded after badgecam footage of law enforcement removing a bobcat from the grille of a car in Wisconsin has spread online. The wild cat didn’t just climb in there, but instead was likely hit by the driver and trapped inside the honeycomb-like structure.

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We’ve seen deer and other wild animals get trapped inside modern car grilles, which are made of plastic and will often swallow them up without completely breaking apart. However, this is the first time we’ve seen a predator of any kind fall into this automotive trap.


The driver, who wasn’t identified, called dispatch in Portage County and said they heard the front end of their car hit something, even though they didn’t see anything in the road. Since it was at night and bobcats can move incredibly fast, this likely wasn’t a case of distracted driving.

When the driver pulled off the road to see what damage might have been done to the car, they saw the bobcat trapped in the grille. The sheriff’s office had to call in a conservation warden thanks to the bobcat posing a serious threat to anyone lacking experience or the proper tools to safely remove it.

In the video, the conservation warden uses a snare pole to securely hold the neck of the wild cat before pulling it out of the Toyota’s front fascia. Once free, the bobcat struggled with the pole, but the conservation warden adeptly lifted it into the his covered pickup truck bed and deputies slammed the tailgate closed. The man must have ice in his veins as well as experience with bobcats.

One of the deputies laughed nervously once the threat was contained. We would probably laugh nervously, too. Thankfully everything went off without a hitch, because the situation easily couldn’t gone sideways in a hurry.

The bobcat was returned to the wild, according to the sheriff’s office.

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