Bonnie And Clyde Replica Car Lived A Long Life Of Fraud

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Let's hope this ends better than the last time someone sat in one of these things.

We've all heard the incredible stories surrounding America's favorite criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde. These two monsters toured the United States, robbing anything and everyone they could get their hands on, leaving only a trail of death behind them. After two years of playing a constant game of cat and mouse, the pair was eventually "caught." Of course, we mean that their bodies were violently ripped apart by a seemingly endless barrage of over 50 rounds each, which fit the crimes perfectly. Finally, the murderous duo was stopped, and to celebrate, their car was paraded around America as a show of dominance to any criminals who might try the same stunt. Except, it wasn't actually their car which was hauled around like a thanksgiving turkey. There were, in reality, five separate clones of the Bonnie and Clyde car, which were all apparently used to portray the brutal gangster's vehicle, and as you may have guessed, this is one of them.

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It all started right after Bonnie and Clyde were inevitably halted in their tracks in 1934 by the massive ambush we all know of today. Like we said, five cars made to look just like the original were built and paraded around the country to showcase the legend of what could be reasonably considered one of the last American western outlaw tales. This particular car was eventually put up for attraction with a $10,000 guarantee that he owned the faithful Bonnie and Clyde car. You may have guessed that this was not precisely truthful information, and the owner eventually got their asses handed to them in court. The vehicle was confiscated by the prosecuting party. Sometime later, Warner Bros bought the car and used it for their movie "Bonnie And Clyde" in 1967.

Nowadays, the car is up for sale once again, but this time we assure you that you are being given truthful information regarding its history. This may not have been the car that saw the death of America's most notorious gangster duo, but it is the exact vehicle that thousands looked at with hopeful eyes in recognition of justice served. This culminates into one car that would be the perfect centerpiece for any history buff and car enthusiast looking to stun everyone with a crazy piece of history from the American wild west. If nothing else, you won't have to clean off the blood of scum to sit in the front seat.

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