Bookshelf: “Drive to Survive” Companion a Must-Have for F1 Fans

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“Drive to Survive” Book a Must-Have F1 PrimerHearst Owned

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Okay, admit it.

You think Formula 1 is kind of cool. Your co-workers and family are talking about it on Monday morning, and you want to add to the discussion.

So, even if you're late to the party or don't know the difference between IndyCar and F1 (or NASCAR, for that matter), there few easy ways to play catch-up. The lightest lift is to check out the Drive to Survive docuseries on Netflix.

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Now in it's fifth season, the 40-minute-per-episode, reality-based production is a great platform to get to know the drivers, the team principals and the sometimes-made-for-TV backstories surrounding a race weekend.


But you might want more. That's where author Stuart Codling comes in with his 2023 publication, Formula 1 Drive to Survive — The Unofficial Companion comes in.

The opening chapter features "The People Behind Formula 1," and includes a breakdown of the duties of such key players as the team principal, team manager, technical director, head of engineering, race engineer, number-one mechanic and physio.

In subsequent chapters, there's high-speed looks at the story of 20 famous F1 cars from history, F1 technology, the famous race circuits, the governing structure, the business of Formula 1 and the strategy behind the race to the checkered flag.

The 188-page coffee table book is an easy read and is chock full of wonderful F1 photographs and will be a welcome addition to your TV room.

Put this on any Father's Day (or even Mother's Day) wish list.