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Bose portable speakers are up to 30 percent off right now

Grab the Revolve+ for $229 and save $100.


Bose's portable Bluetooth speakers have made several of our latest shopping guides, thanks in part to the long battery life and loud, bright sound that carries well outdoors. They're also among the most expensive out there, but several models including the Smart Speaker, Revolve+ and S1 Pro are now on sale at Amazon with savings of up to 30 percent.

This is one of our favorite portable Bluetooth speakers and now you can pick it up at one of its lowest prices ever.
$319 at Amazon

While Bluetooth speakers are often commodity items, Bose's SoundLink Revolve ($179 or 18 percent off) and Revolve Plus ($229 or 30 percent off) have premium features. Bose has eschewed typical plastic materials for a fancy "single-piece aluminum enclosure" that's resistant to spills, rain and splashes with an IPX4 rating. And by outputting music from 360 degrees, they sound the same to anyone in the vicinity. The only drawback is bass that lacks some oomph.

If you want more low end and don't mind spending more, Bose's Portable Smart speaker is also on sale at $319, for a savings of $80 (20 percent). Also a 360-degree speaker, it has a well-rounded low end and bright dynamic sound with plenty of nuance. It's more geared toward home use, offering WiFi, voice and app control, along with support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Chromecast and more.


Finally, if you really need big sound for outdoor parties, the Bose S1 Pro Bluetooth speaker is on sale for $599, or $100 (14 percent) off. It's designed for rugged use and supports not only wireless Bluetooth, but wired inputs from a guitar, DJ setup and more. You also get Auto EQ and other speakers to maximize sound output, whether you're inside or out.

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