Breakdown assistance provider makes electrifying change to its fleet of recovery vehicles — here's how it could impact other businesses

U.K. vehicle recovery company AA is testing out some greener options for its fleet as it puts three new fully electric trucks on the roads, This is Money reports.

The company currently has 3,000 roadside assistance and recovery vehicles. It is adding a new fully electric Volvo FE Slidebed, Iveco eDaily Powerload, and Iveco eDaily crew van with a heavy-duty Compact Recovery Trailer as part of a "test and scale" approach to decarbonizing its fleet, the publication said. The trucks will likely service areas that already have low-emission zones in place, like London's Ultra Low Emission Zone.

"Introducing these exciting new concept vehicles to our fleet is an important step towards our goal of becoming a net zero company by 2035," AA's President Edmund King OBE said, per This is Money.

As more companies move toward net-zero policies, we can expect to see health benefits, as the burning of dirty energy sources like oil, coal, and natural gas pollutes our air. For instance, traffic pollution is tied to higher rates of asthma onset and aggravation, cardiovascular disease, and impaired lung development in children, among other health problems, according


to a report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Plus, these same dirty energy sources account for more than 75% of all planet-heating pollution. The United Nations warns of severe consequences of an overheating planet, including hotter temperatures, increased drought, more severe storms, loss of species, food shortages, poverty and displacement, and spread of certain diseases.

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AA joins a number of transportation-related companies and services looking to cut their emissions. For instance, Domino's is now adding EVs to its fleet of pizza delivery vehicles. Plus, the U.S. Postal Service announced it would invest in 66,000 EVs by 2028 in an effort to slow planet-heating pollution.

Plus, a number of other companies are doing their part for the environment by participating in a range of environmentally friendly policies. Support eco-friendly initiatives by your favorite brands.

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