Brie Larson Just Casually Revealed She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend in an Interview

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Brie Larson Just Casually Revealed She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend in an Interview

Brie Larson is newly single! A fact she casually mentioned while speaking to Harper’s Bazaar for its April 2023 cover story. Telling the outlet that her future is pretty wide open right now, Brie said, “I don’t have a next job. I don’t have a home. I don’t have a partner. I don’t have a plan. I’m just completely open.”

Brie was dating Elijah Allan-Blitz, who she was first connected to in summer 2019 when they were seen kissing. They’ve been seen at several events since, like when Elijah accompanied Brie to Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

celebrity sightings in los angeles september 07, 2022
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And they even went official on Instagram:

Brie explained to Harper’s Bazaar that not being too tied down has been good for her creatively, saying, “I have nothing left to give unless I go through this period of adventure.” Wow, fully my vibes when I mentally clock out of my responsibilities during the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Anyway, Brie also told the magazine that she enjoys living life mostly out of the spotlight these days (as much as that’s possible, being super famous and all), saying, “I want to be in reality. I love reality. It’s all I want. My biggest fear is to not be in reality. It matters so much to me. I don’t wear super-flashy clothes when I’m out in the world because I want to stay in reality. I’m very good at confrontation in my relationships because I want to be in reality. I want to be in what’s as close to what’s true as possible.”

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