Bringing A Toy Lamborghini Back To Life Is As Satisfying As Restoring The Real Deal

From this... - Screenshot: Good Restore via YouTube
From this... - Screenshot: Good Restore via YouTube

Everyone’s so creative these days, there are people turning bathtubs into motorbikes and others documenting the satisfying process of cleaning an old car. Now, one YouTuber has found a neat little niche to fill by filming the meticulous steps they take to restore ruined toy cars.

The page in question is called Good Restore, and it’s got hours and hours of wonderful restoration videos to watch. Over on the channel, instead of working on full-size, multi-million dollar motors, they stick with incredibly detailed toy cars to restore.

In the profile’s latest video, its team sets to work bringing a model Lamborghini Aventador back to life. The car they work on is in a really bad way, with the body panels caked in mud, doors broken and interior ruined - not the kind of condition you’d expect to see a car worth upwards of $500,000 in. Thankfully, this is just a toy, remember.

The refurbishment, which you can watch above, begins by giving the car a thorough clean. The mud is gently picked and scraped away from every surface, before the chemicals come out to eradicate the last stubborn stains. After this, the bodywork is smoothed over before heading to the teeny tiny paint shop, where the Lambo is given a lush teal paint scheme.


Attention then turns to the interior, which gets the same deep cleaning treatment as you’d expect on a real restoration. However, instead of reupholstering the seats or anything like that, everything is simply re-painted - rogue landlord style. New carpets are then stuck in place, and the car’s minuscule frunk is re-lined.

...To this! - Screenshot: Good Restore via YouTube
...To this! - Screenshot: Good Restore via YouTube

After all the parts are repaired, it’s time to start sticking them back onto the car, which Good Restore does in the most satisfying way possible. Then, it’s ready to tear up any race track you can dream up on your bedroom floor.

The great news is that once you’ve watched this Lamborghini restoration, there’s a whole series of rebuilds to enjoy from this particular corner of the internet. Other highlights for me include a destroyed Nissan Skyline and even an old fuel truck - you don’t get those kinds of builds at West Coast Customs.

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