British Man Drove for a Half-Century Without a License

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Photo:  Derbyshire Roads Policing / Twitter
Photo: Derbyshire Roads Policing / Twitter

The world is nearly unrecognizable from what it was 50 years ago. The internet went from a closed computer communications network between universities and research centers to a ubiquitous part of the developed world. According to police, a man in Derby, England decided to start driving without a license over 50 years ago. He wasn’t stopped by law enforcement until last weekend.

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BBC News reported that Derbyshire Roads Policing stopped a 69-year-old man driving a Hyundai in a Derby shopping center on Saturday. The police believe the driver had been operating a motor vehicle without a license for at least 50 years and had never taken a driving test. The accused driver had his car seized by the police and was reported for several offenses.

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Derbyshire police claim the driver got caught because he bragged about his alleged crimes. The agency stated on Twitter, “He has systematically provided details to insurance companies indicating that he had a license but the flaw in his dastardly plan was bragging.” He wasn’t willing to get a license but made sure that his car was insured.

Britain’s law enforcement agencies have stated that getting away with driving without a license is becoming increasingly difficult. Last year, an 84-year-old British man was caught after driving without a license or insurance for over 70 years. The country’s police services believe the spread of automated plate reading cameras makes it easier to spot who’s on the road unlawfully.

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