Britney Spears Hit The Beach With A Cheeky Bikini And Fans Are Loving The Video

 britney spears in the "work bitch" music video
britney spears in the "work bitch" music video

Britney Spears dropped a few pictures on social media earlier this week with longtime friend and agent Cade Hudson. Fans were happy to see the two seemingly having a great time together as they posed, but it turns out they did a lot more than just smile for the camera on a private plane. Yesterday, Spears dropped a follow-up video of the two hanging out at the beach, and the beloved pop star looks like she’s having the time of her life in a fun and cheeky bikini.

The video is set to Jhay Cortez, J Balvin and Bad Bunny’s hit “No Me Conoce,” and the background looks ideal. There are some others on the beach with Spears and Hudson, but mostly, it looks like an absolute paradise with ample space to roll around, which the singer does plenty of. You can check out the fun post below…

If Cade Hudson sounds familiar, it’s probably because he was recently involved in a separate Britney Spears-related story. Paris Hilton dropped a happy birthday post to Hudson, which included a shot of the three of them hanging out. Spears’ fans, who are no longer able to post on her Instagram after she disabled comments, replied with a barrage of conspiracy theories about alleged photoshopping to the point where Hilton had to respond. Hudson is longtime buddies with Hilton and has also hung out extensively with Spears and worked with her in an official management capacity.


If that all sounds like a lot, welcome to Britney Spears’ life. The pop star is constantly surrounded and sometimes engulfed by rumors about anything and everything. She had to shut down her comments because so many fans were convinced something shady was going on after she kept uploading pictures from her old house. Nope. Turns out she had just moved back. Then rumors were everywhere that her husband Sam Asghari and her management team had allegedly planned an intervention due to alleged substance abuse. That intervention didn’t happen, and both Spears and Asghari had to respond publicly.

Now, the latest rumors are about Spears’ marriage, which is allegedly in trouble according to some tabloid reports. Who knows where that will ultimately lead, but it’s just further evidence of how much attention the singer’s every move or even every alleged move gets. As such, it’s wonderful to see her having a great time and living it up in the sand. She obviously looks great in that bikini too. More than a hundred and fifty thousand fans have already liked the post, and it’ll almost certainly keep shooting up.

Britney Spears has a long history of posting fun vacation photos and videos. Hopefully this is a sign she’s going to start traveling more, which will let all of us live vicariously through her (and also check out her fun swimsuits).