Bruce Pascal’s Journey at the 2023 Hot Wheels Legends Tour

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With the event taking place today.

Bruce Pascal, a collector famed for owning the largest and rarest collection of Hot Wheels, is embarking on a thrilling quest to find the one elusive car missing from his prodigious collection. With over 7000 diecast cars valued at a staggering $2 million, Pascal’s collection is a marvel in the world of automobile miniatures. This year, he’s partnering with Hot Wheels to scout for that unparalleled custom car to complete his collection at the highly awaited Hot Wheels Legends Tour on September 28, 2023.

A custom Datsun 240Z could be a new Hot Wheels car. Check it out here.


The esteemed tour is more than a congregation of custom car enthusiasts; it’s a battleground where creators from Australia and New Zealand will showcase their vehicular masterpieces, vying to have their creation added to Pascal’s prestigious collection. The contenders will present their unique interpretations of automotive art, each hoping to become the crowning jewel in Pascal’s extensive assortment of diecast cars.

Pascal, whose passion for Hot Wheels blossomed in the '60s, expressed his excitement and anticipation at witnessing the roster of extraordinary custom cars. “Aussies and Kiwis are known for crafting magical cars, and I am eagerly awaiting to witness the local entrants for this year’s tour,” said the veteran collector. For Pascal, each addition is a step closer to maintaining the completeness and richness of his collection.

The event will feature rally champion Molly Taylor and motorsports icon Mad Mike Whiddett, enhancing the star-studded appeal of the tour. The daunting task of selecting the car worthy of global finals will rest on the shoulders of an exceptional panel of judges.

Mattel Australia’s senior marketing manager, Libby McEniry, shared the exhilaration surrounding the return of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, anticipating an unmatched array of entertainment and diversity in entries for 2023. The increasing quality of the participating entries promises a spectacular show, setting the stage for a riveting display of automotive innovation and design.

Bruce Pascal’s journey at the Hot Wheels Legends Tour signifies more than a search; it’s a convergence of passion, creativity, and relentless pursuit of automotive excellence. The event is set to unveil a myriad of extraordinary creations, each echoing the boundless imagination and craftsmanship of their creators, and potentially becoming the long-sought missing piece in Pascal’s remarkable collection.

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