Brumos Collection Shows Off Its Classic Peugeot

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This is quite the rare and impressive vehicle…

Dano Davis, owner of the world-famous Brumos Collection of cars, loves showing off his many classics. This time around he has dropped a video featuring his 1914 Peugeot L45. It’s a rare and valuable ride you might not know much about, so Davis explains what makes it special.

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Technologically advanced for its time, the Peugeot L45 was a trailblazer in the racing world. As Davis explains in the video, it was France that was the industrial leader in automobiles in the early part of the 20th Century. That’s likely a shock to many, considering today few would consider them in the top three or maybe not even in the top five, but times were different then.

The predecessor to this vehicle introduced dual overhead camshafts, boosting engine efficiency which in turn benefits performance. Another innovative design was the use of a subframe for the engine, allowing it to sit lower in the car, resulting in superior handling. All-wheel brakes were also installed, rivaling the rear-wheel brakes used in most race cars of the time.

A dry sump oil system was also used in the Peugeot L45. While not a new concept, Davis believes it might have been the first time it was put into a race car, helping to prove its usefulness. Thanks to all these innovative ideas, some have called the L45 the great-grandfather of the modern race car. It’s easy to see why that is.

It’s not every day you see a faithfully restored 1914 Peugeot L45. In fact this might be your first time. It’s right by the entrance in The Brumos Collection, making an immediate impression for those who make the trek. If you can’t visit the car collection, the next best thing is to watch the video.

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