'Buc-ee's 444 Miles' Billboard Delights Drivers In State With No Gas Station Allegiance

Ricky Nguyen, left, and his wife Lisa fill up their gas tank at the newly opened Buc-ees Travel Center in Johnstown, Colorado on March 18, 2024. Established in 1982, Buc-ees has expanded to 34 stores in Texas and 14 others across different states. The Johnstown outlet marks Buc-ees debut in Colorado. - Photo: RJ Sangosti/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post (Getty Images)

Buc-ee’s, Wawa, Sheetz — these are the legendary gas-and-go outfits that have gathered cult-like followings in their regions. They involve gas pumps and decent food--the perfect mix for both road trips and every day running around. Out here in Michigan however, we have no such temple to America’s twin gods of gasoline and food consumption. A billboard along I-96 in western Michigan could be a tantalizing sign of things to come.

The big gas station even possibly maybe coming to Michigan is big news, from the Detroit Free Press:

An intriguing billboard has captured the attention of drivers along Interstate 96 in west Michigan.

The sign, bearing the mascot and logo of the Buc-ee’s chain of convenience stores, reads only “444 miles” causing many people to wonder.

We’ll do the math for you. From Lowell, Michigan, traveling 444 miles will bring you to Richmond, Kentucky, which is the nearest Buc-ee’s location.

But is the popular business, with its cult-like following, teasing us about a future Michigan location? Some are speculating that the billboard is an elusive way to put the state on notice of an impending Buc-ee’s.

“I hope it means they are planning a store in Michigan,” one Facebook commenter posted.


Four hundred and forty four miles away. That’s quite a trek just for some beaver-adorned sweat pants, BBQ sandwiches and 10 gallons of unleaded. But if you’re heading down there anyway, at least you’ll have something to look forward to along the way. Buc-ee’s is so well-loved that a scientist named a 15 million year old Beaver species after the gas station.

Oh sure, you can get some amazing soul food or shawarma from gas stations mostly in the Detroit area, but there’s nothing like a reliable, state-wide chain serving fuel for both your car and tummy in equal measure. And certainly nothing like Buc-ee’s, which tend to be the size of a big box grocery store featuring dozens of fuel pumps. The largest gas station in the world happens to be a Buc-ee’s in Sevierville, Tennessee — a mere 530 miles from Detroit.

Naturally, the appearance of this billboard set off a flurry of supportive social media posts wondering if the advertisement was meant to prime Michigan residents for a Buc-ee’s of our very own. The gas station is making in-roads in the Midwest, with stores announced for Huber Heights, Ohio and DeForest, Wisconsin, which would cut down on the miles Michigan residents have to travel for a Buc-ee’s fix by half. Not much else is known about the midwest stores, unfortunately.

If Bucc-ee’s doesn’t hop to it the chain may miss out on becoming the Mitten’s favorite gas station, as Sheetz is planning to open a store in the Detroit Metro region later this year.

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