The Bugatti EB112 concept was a supercar with a sedan body

The Bugatti EB112 concept was a supercar with a sedan body

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Ultra high-end luxury cars are common today, with the likes of Lotus, Porsche, and even Ferrari offering four-door crossovers. But three decades ago, the most expensive and technologically advanced cars in the world were all sports cars — your F40s, 959s and Diablos. Then along came Bugatti with the EB112 concept, a four-door sedan with supercar bones.

Unveiled at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show, the EB112 caused quite a sensation. Partially it was due to the extremely polarizing styling. Styled by design legend Giorgetto Giugiaro, it translated the look of early 20th-century Bugatti classics like the Type 57 Galibier to early 1990s bar-of-soap aesthetics. References to classic Bugattis like the Type 57 SC Atlantic came in the form of a subtle spine along the dorsal line.

"The EB112 in many respects was a dream car and a forerunner to what we today know as high-performance fastback models," Giugiaro said. Squint and you might see shades of Porsche Panamera or Tesla Model 3 in the profile. Some found it beautiful, others found it hideous.