Bugatti Teases Its New V-16 Engine

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Bugatti Teases Its New V-16 Engine
Bugatti Teases Its New V-16 Engine

Never one to follow the crowd, Bugatti is once again forging ahead in an odd direction. Gone is the legendary W-16 engine, replaced as revealed by the French automaker itself with a wild new V-16 configuration.

A design firm made one of the Jaguar C-X75 supercars road legal.

At a time when other automakers are subtracting cylinders, replacing them with forced induction and/or electric motors, Bugatti has decided to veer another way. It’s refreshing to see Molsheim continuing to march to the beat of a different drummer instead of hopping on the tired industry bandwagon.


According to Bugatti, a reveal of its latest modern-day hypercar will take place in June of this year. All we know other than the cylinder configuration is that from the images and video released the top end covers appear to be all exposed carbon fiber.

In the video, we also get to hear the engine going through the first three gears. But we don’t even know how many gears will be in the mated transmission. That and many more details about this hypercar are likely to be shocking.

That’s not much information, obviously an intentional move by the French automaker. Since we must guess, we’ll make the sure bet that inside the engine will be some revolutionary designs.

Some claim special knowledge about the new V-16’s displacement and other details. But looking back at other industry rumors, they most often are based on fantasy, not squaring with the revealed product, yet are quickly forgotten.

The unique nature of Bugattis is part of the charm and appeal of the brand. That has also translated into collectability which seems to mystify those who haven’t been paying attention. Well-heeled collectors and enthusiasts are willing to shell out big money to own that perfect Chiron, Veyron, EB110, or any of the classics.

We predict his new V-16 engine along with whatever model it drives will age like fine French wine.

Image via Bugatti

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