Buick LaCrosse Lives On in China Looking More Interesting Than Ever

buick lacrosse china
Buick LaCrosse Sedan Continues to Thrive in ChinaBuick
  • Buick has introduced a new generation of the LaCrosse large sedan for China.

  • This new model features a modern exterior design and a decked-out interior with many luxury-grade features.

  • The LaCrosse exited the U.S. market years ago and isn't likely to return here.

It's been many years since Buick sold a big, cushy sedan in America, but the brand's full-size LaCrosse is still going strong in China. In fact, GM just revealed a new China-market LaCrosse that looks surprisingly upscale inside and out and offers features that we've yet to see on any U.S.-market Buicks.

The new LaCrosse's front end incorporates a similar lighting design as other recent Buick models such as the Encore GX and Envista, and Buick's new tri-shield logo is prominently displayed on the hood. It's pictured here in its top Avenir trim level, which includes matrix headlights, LED taillights, and can perform a welcome illumination sequence as you approach the car.

buick lacrosse china

The interior, too, goes well beyond any current Buicks that we get here in the States in terms of tech presentation thanks to its huge 30.0-inch array of screens stretching across two thirds of the dashboard. The electric Buick Electra E5 crossover has a similar screen setup, and that model might be the one to bring this new infotainment system to the U.S. The LaCrosse also has heated, cooled, and massaging front and rear seats as standard equipment.


Buick hasn't released any mechanical details, but the China-market LaCrosse previously used a 237-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission.

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