Building a Diesel IH Scout From a Nissan Titan XD Turns Out Like This

Building a Diesel IH Scout From a Nissan Titan XD Turns Out Like This photo
Building a Diesel IH Scout From a Nissan Titan XD Turns Out Like This photo

The depths of car creativity and fabrication know no bounds. Every time I think I've seen the craziest thing—whether it be a heavy-duty pickup truck with a Mack truck cab on it, a VW Beetle turned into a pickup truck, or a 24-cylinder motorcycle—something new takes the Cake of Weird. Keeping that in mind, I shouldn't be at all surprised by this 2016 Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X re-bodied to resemble a 1967 International Harvester Scout.

This radical transformation comes to us via Steel Farm Customs of Pennsylvania, which began cranking out these builds sometime in 2018 judging from the shop's Facebook page. One such truck is currently listed for sale over at Fourbie Exchange.

Manifesting a modern full-size pickup in the image of a half-century-old SUV was no small feat. To start, the Titan's 139.8-inch wheelbase was slashed significantly, to 93.8 inches. Then, custom quarter panels that mimic the Scout's real panels were fabricated to graft the Titan cab and bed together, along with a bespoke bed cap to complete the look. Finally, a Ford F-100 windshield was fit to maintain the upright rake of the vehicle's inspiration.

Technically, there isn’t much ‘67 Scout left. The majority of the body is custom-made, as are the bumpers and most details. The truck's interior is also 100-percent Titan, which makes for a hell of a clash against the Scout exterior.


The end result doesn’t look too bad, all things considered. It certainly gives off a restomod vibe but errs on modern, thanks to the the custom bumpers, LED lights, and low floor line. Scout enthusiasts will certainly note differences, and much of that is due to the reduced ground clearance compared to an actual Scout. Additionally, the new panels and door shut lines don't align with the real thing. The underbody of the Titan hangs lower, which means the bumpers have to be larger to cover up unsightly mechanicals.

Nevertheless, if this is your bag, it could be all yours for $90,000. At the end of the day, it’s still a Nissan Titan with a 5.0-liter Cummins diesel and four-wheel drive. It just looks a little different.

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